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this is the L'Oreal "real interaction" campus sale of student activities in the ten anniversary.The donation ceremony, a theme of "youth participation in • • small Replica watches forum transfer beauty", from the China Youth Development Foundation and ten high school teacher and classmates in the heat to discuss how to make the university time Fuller, more meaningful and at the same time, review the development process of growing together and share the L'Oreal campus sale of student activities for ten years to spread love and accompany the students, we also practice and innovation campus public welfare is actively discussed and brainstorming.

ten years of interaction between the public company youth

L'Oreal "real interaction" campus sale of student activities by L'Oreal company and the China Youth Development Foundation co-sponsored in 2003, L'Oreal Group donated by its high quality Fake rolex products and the organization of College Students' independent operation in the campus sale, with proceeds from the sale to set up "L'Oreal grants" and "L'Oreal Campus Fund", dedicated to help poor students and help college students to carry out public welfare projects.

L'Oreal (China) vice president Lan Zhenzhen said, "L'Oreal campus sale student activities is not a simple, single donation activities, ten years, we operated bazaar through to mobilize and organize the students, make the activities more participatory, interactive and practical, thus helping the poor students in the economy, and to exercise their social practice ability, enhance students' citizen consciousness."

reportedly, L'Oreal campus sale of student activities firstly from the college students in the recruitment of a number of charity volunteers, and then through the "do one day L'Oreal men" link, with a full range of professional training for their Replica rolex employees, so that they and L'Oreal together with the iwc replica planning, organization and implementation of campus charity work, which not only realizes the majority between the students "real interaction", discount red bottom shoes also created a good social practice opportunities for volunteers, improve their consciousness of citizen, so as to realize the win-win recipients and donors.

"can be used as volunteers participate in the entire process of L'Oreal campus bazaar, is not only the most beautiful memories of my university period, which is the most unforgettable experience", as a volunteer representatives present at the ceremony of the Rolex Replica Replica rolex school of management of Fudan University junior, 2012 L'OREAL campus sale team captain Xu Huadao out of the sale of Replica breitling volunteers."I not only gain confidence and moved, get exercise, and understand the love and dedication, this is my lifelong benefit harvest."

as a successful example of college students to join the public, SynTao general manager Guo Peiyuan said, the students to participate in public welfare activities at the University, not Rolex replica watch for sale only to cultivate and promote communication, leadership, organization and coordination of their Christian louboutin sale various abilities, enhance their competitiveness in the job, a new way to join the public welfare is also present in the employment of college students or business.

continuous innovation for ten years to create Faux rolex watch the first brand of campus public

since 2003, Replica watches L'Oreal copies rolex "real interaction" campus sale of student activities has been widely recognized and produce great social repercussions: has entered the 23 universities 15 city of Beijing, Shanghai, replica tag heuer Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chongqing, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Harbin, the cumulative endowment grants amounted to 10000000 yuan, funded nearly 2600 poor college students, more than 4500 students into the charity volunteers, and attracted many students to participate in.L'Oreal campus Fake watches sale student Replica bvlgari also won the "Project Hope 20 years -- Distinguished Christian louboutin Public Service Partner Award", "public school" award and other awards, become the concern of the annual campus public welfare activities.

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