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Last night, December 25, this morning, the International Market News Reviews

Last night, this morning, the International Market News Reviews 49ers jerseys: The Dow Jones closed 0.39 percent, the price of gold was a decrease of 0.04%, international oil prices fell 0.06%. The pressure of the lending between banks fell to its lowest level in years, EU / IMF project financing of ECB are: measures to tax evasion that Greece has not taken enough; Chief outgoing Gong margin Yang good century (CEO), the Instead, the Co-Chairs, KKR and Carlyle bid for Jerome biography with funding of approximately $ 5.0 billion. Summary Overseas market [] Dow apply pressure on top of the cliff of fiscal year closing 0.39% Market concerns about the agreement cliff fiscal negotiations cliff U.S. financial, whether reached before the end of the year, is harmful to today the development A.J Jenkins 49ers Jersey of the U.S. stock market, for the Christmas holiday, closed on the 25th, U.S. stocks ahead 3 hours The setback on Monday, the Dow fell 0.39 percent, and 0.28 percent were, Nasdaq Composite Standard & Poor's 500 Index fell 0.24 percent. Year cliff worry worsen the European stock index down 0.16% Monday Sluggish movement plurality of plates led Monday, the day before the closure or the end of the trading case thin trading Aldon Smith 49ers Jersey, the cliff finance so-called stock market in the world, but you can not avoid the concern probably ahead of Christmas, key indicators of regional are mixed, the European stock index fell 0.16 percent on Monday. Goods The rise in the dollar price of gold fell 0.04 percent on Monday Around the budget negotiations of the so-called financial cliff, prior to the end of the trading floor, the State party continues to attract attention from investors, the price of gold was higher on holiday, including the rise of the dollar make gold Alex Smith 49ers Jersey, price of the futures contract price is suppressed products by the U.S. dollar, decreased slightly to close at $ 1,659.50 eventually oz. Year cliff close to the international oil prices slightly decreased 0.06 percent on Monday It appears that the market will bring great pressure on energy demand outlook and the U.S. economy expected is expected, oil prices continued to decline, reducing the trading hours on the floor, cliff fiscal year prior to the Christmas holidays the deal The main limitation of the formation of oil contracts to reduce the amount of crude oil price trends greatly decreased slightly to $ 88.61 a barrel Carlos Rogers 49ers Jersey. Dollar Index rose 0.14 percent against the yen on Monday rose Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of the newly elected Japanese, pointed out that it is necessary that the Bank of Japan, to take measures to the practice of other countries of the currency devaluation of their remarks and causing the quick rise in USDJPY. On the other hand, because of the Christmas holidays, but the dollar was slightly lower against other major currencies and the foreign exchange market trading approach was light, the dollar index, an increase of 0.14% as of the close of trading on the foreign exchange market. Outlook of the U.S. financial cliff opaque LME copper fell $ 7,801 In order to raise taxes to reach an agreement before Christmas, the U.S. economy on or after January 1, 2013, to avoid spending cuts overall, the United States has decided to activation not automatic status of the cliff finance so-called, cliff retreat finance constrains the investor sentiment in the metals markets fear again. I closed at $ 7,801 per tonne before Monday inner Michael Crabtree 49ers Jersey London copper futures contract price. International Macroeconomics [] ECB pressure interbank lending is lending to the project as depressed to its lowest year Article in Bloomberg Monday, Mario Draghi President of the European Central Bank has invested 1300000000000 dollar loan central bank cost, all for us to maintain the commitment of the euro, which has been supporting a number of stress index of financial markets in Europe pointed out that the level had fallen to its lowest level since 2012, when the measures. I did not take appropriate measures to fight tax evasion Greece: EU / IMF On Monday, we said in Greece, the report for the efforts of the tax evasion wealthy infamous and any other urgent need, doctor, strengthening the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been weakened lawyer and the European Union (EU) and was Patrick Willis 49ers Jersey. According to the international creditors of Greece, according to the original plan, to recover half of the non-payment of taxes, and in November the Greek only less than half of the audit is completed. More than $ 2 trillion U.S. loan bank deposits accident Germany amount of unexpected loan amount that exceeds the $ 2 trillion of deposits in the banking industry in the United States, economic growth, loan demand is still tough ares weaken coupled with increasingly slow bank lending conditions. As of December 05, total deposits in the U.S. banking industry, increased 8.7% to record $ 9.17 trillion. I announced that Israel's central bank cut interest rates to 1.75% and Israel's central bank announced on Monday, the central bank lowered the interest rate by 25 basis points to 1.75 percent. We are the Bank of Israel in March, months past from the base rate second cut of 25 basis points also, I expect that to this is to slow down and to stimulate the economic growth of the country and take advantage of inflationary environment the current low. [Corporate Focus] Co-chair of the Board of Directors Chief Executive Officer Yang Gong retirement good margin century (CEO) Announced today,: (DATE NASDAQ) The Board Vernon Davis 49ers Jersey of Directors has approved the appointment of Andy Chin Kou Yang as current Chairman Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors, and the leadership of the Board of Directors News December 24, Century Jiayuan. Since 2012, this appointment will be effective from Monday, December 24, 2011. Announced that a former employee was held to close up 21.26% of the shares repurchased Acorn International Touch during the day high of $ 3.24, former employees hold shares repurchased International Acorn, shares of the company will be held soaring today, then, 21.26% of volume expansion, with $ 2.68 by the average daily share 4018 10.81 million shares announced you as when you close the, fell. Current market value of 80345300 dollars. Pass the $ 50 billion bid for Jerome Carlyle and KKR shezi Say promise bidding transaction management are most likely to have been Reuters, software vendors KKR reports, and the Carlyle Group, a giant private equity has succeeded to the source that was cited Monday Frank Gore 49ers Jersey, the transaction price to reach $ 5 billion There is a possibility.

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