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cooperatives Chen Lingjun

city hall ,the autonomous region chamb Replica watcher of Commerce hosted the China potato ?Wulanchabu potato Beijing Exhibition .The theme of the conference is to Beijing Mongolian regional cooperation ,promote China potato Wulanchabu potato industry sustainable development ,a symbol of Wulanchabu potato industry development entered a new starting point .
Businessmen from across the country ,experts and scholars representing all 400 much people attended this influential event ,Wulanchabu finally silently in the struggle for the first time in such a grand scale showed their full of hope and charm of the real side .
In through a variety of ways to external promotion Wulanchabu potato at the same time ,the country also in succession to the national register of trade and Industry Bureau some trademark brand .
However ,due to the d Movado replicaispersion form resultant force, the trademark in the country failed to popular .Face this kind of current situation ,municipal Party committee ,the govern Fake rolexment decided to integrate small brand ,hold fist calls, Wulanchabu potato unified registration of trademark .
In 2011, after the efforts of all parties ,finally in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has successfully registered Wulanchabu potato trademark .It is successfully registered ,bound for Wulanchabu to establish potato brand ,expand sales channels to bring a broad prospect .
In 2012, Wulanchabu is the economic and social development of the Rolex Replicakey year .This year, Wulanchabu potato brand promotion and ushered in a significant opportunity .By the Autonomous Region People ,Crop Science Society of China Professional Committee decided in 2012 potato ,Chinese Potato Congress and the third session of the Wulanchabu potato Cultural Festival will be held July 28-31 day held in Wulanchabu city .
This section will ,bound for the Wulanchabu potato brand promotion to write a thick and heavy in colours .As a poor area of Wulanchabu ,from on eighty time begin the century ,has been in the reform road Replica Louboutin shoes of seeking to take off deficient to become rich changes .
The development of potato industry thought to let people in Wulanchabu plain and focal pain found in an advantage disadvantage become rich way to resolve .Therefore ,according to potato ,stable area ,raise the production quality ,ext Replica Christian louboutinension chain ,brand idea ,plan to whole town built facilities potato 3000000 mu ,mu produce 3000 kilograms ;the 2020 acreage to 4500000 acres in size ,the average yield reached 1800 kg ,always produces stability to be in 8000000 tons of .
Seed base stability is in 1500000 mus ,tuber crop achieves 2500000 tons of above ;commodity potato area stability is in 3000000 mus ,crop achieves 5500000 tons .Wulanchabu city potato industry from the initial exploration and development, now the beginning of scale demonstrated strength ,small potato let Wulanchabu people to see the big hope .
Click on the picture to see detaileddata on September 16th -20 days, the reporter in Da Replica Rolexlian Commodity Exchange Organization futures market service 3 farming was found, although the new bean upcoming increase supply pressure ,but as this year soybean acreage reduction by this amazing ,laid a strong foundation of price of beans .
In the short term ,beans price may continue to adjust Replica watches for men ,but after the new year the output effect will gradually ,the market is expected to rebound .Planting area or Replica Tag Heuer watches striking either and Heilongjiang several farmers and traders Fake Montblanc watches have an informal discussion, or from the number of subsequent research situation, the 2012 soybean planting area is reduced sharply .
Thus ,the current soybean prices are still up space .Harbin Yilan County Town macro chocolate jump village Pan Zhengan farming 500 acres ,is the largest farmer cultivate land .Last year more than Christian louboutin shoes 300 acres of cultivated soybean ,this significantly reduced to 170 acres ,all remaining planting corn .
Boli County high protein soybean cooperatives director Hu Zhijia introduces ,Boli County History soybean planting area up to more than 45 acres, has more than 3 acres this year for .According to the Heilongjiang Soybean Association Deputy Secretary-General Wang Xiaoyu introduces ,Heilongjiang province soja cultivates an area to decrease than last year 15000000 acres to 36000000 acres .
Even northeast soybean base -- Heihe area, also appeared the trend .Heihe city departments to provide information, in 2012 the city total sown area of 18010000 mu ,planting wheat 4100000 acres ,2200000 acres of corn, potato 950000 mus ,miscellaneous grains Zadou 1340000 acres ,212700 acres of rice, ec Replica Rolexonomic crops and other 1100000 mus ,compare respectively go up year of growth 4.
2% ,77.7% ,26.8% ,17.7% ,20.9% ,50% ;only the soybean 8100000 mus ,than going up year reduce 19.3% participated in the discussion of people generally on soybean bullish , at least $5500 / ton no problem .
Harbin city Hulan district town to army cooperatives Chen Lingjun prediction .In the immediate period price to calculate ,soybean and made a % increase The Tianjin tours and Xiamen aviation to undertake jointly, by charter nine days from starting, scheduled for October 10th, readers enjoy the fes Rolex Replicatival for off-season charter Replica watchesspecial price 4380 yuan / person.
Compared to t Fake rolex watcheshe conventional eight day tour of Taiwan of 600 yuan cheaper.The reader to take the charter flights to Taiwan, Taipei, Taitung, Tainan, the Hualian, Kaohsiung, Kenting, Chiayi, the Riyuetan Pool, Ali Mountain wild Willow Park, Taroko Gorge and the island scenery, and free upgrade for two nights and a night belly Hotel The Springs Hotel Taiwan and the characteristics of food.
Then go to Xiamen trip to South Putuo, Gulangyu Islet, after returning to Tianjin by charter.Preferential quota of people is finite, the newspaper stops namely completely.Application location: Nanjing road mansion tonight (new building) layer, Tel: 23512750, 23512751.

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