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in 2009 in view of the town

tea business climate index survey: heart 2010 operating performance is good and can be separately accounted for 46.56% ,39.76% ,estimated that in 2011 the business better than last year respect Replica omegaively 59.
03% ,30.9% with nearly 301 votes ,thought that in the future five years tea is a growing market for 58.21% .The above can be seen :pric Replica Christian louboutine 100, 500 yuan in high-gra Christian louboutin shoesde green tea is consumed by the mainstream ,tea brand is industry competition key ,policy capital to guide industry development catalyst ,development efficient tea line of business is to ensure sustained and healthy development of the fundamental ,to the country is Ankang city tea industry breakthrough development engine .
In two ,A Yasucha industrial development orientation of Ankang first ,look at all t Fake rolexhe industry ,tea industry is in line with the Ankang cycle strategy for the development of green industry ;secondly ,the development of Ankang tea industry has apparent comparison advantage ;third ,tea industry and live pig ,silkworm ,flue-cured tobacco ,magic taro and other agricultural industry ,integrated benefit is relatively high ;fourth the same ,we compared to Hanzhoung ,in all sorts of under condition of the same ,we in the rich selenium and visibility have advantages, Hanzhoung can be from small to large and rapid development ,as long as we are determined ,on the path ,through the efforts will certainly be able to become stronger and bigger .
Under the condition of market economy, any industry or industry segments after full competition, Fake watches for men most of the market share will focus on several of the former enterprise or brand ,especially the Replica watches first of the enterprise or the brand will be a larger share and high benefit .
Our tea industry only as bigger share, have more right to speak .Our biggest rivals are Hanzhoung ,because the tea product and market is almost the same ,we have accounted for more than 80% market share in Shaanxi ,currently account for only 33.
6% .Ankang tea industry developm christian louboutin replica under 100ent, or fast enough are facing elimination .Our tea industry the necessary conditions are done in Shaanxi more than 50% share, in the country have obvious characteristics and brand .
Ankang tea industry is the core competitiveness of high quality ,green and sel Rolex Replicaenium ,our comprehensive resource condition ,Ankang tea should be built the country organic tea production base .
Three to five years transforming low-yield garden 200000 mus ,build orchard 200000 mus ,cultivates an area to achieve 600000 mus ,mu produce achieve countrywide average level 50 kilograms ,tea production in 30000 tons ,the spring production of high-grade green tea mainly at the same time ,to make full use of summer and au Replica watchtumn tea production of Fuzhuan Tea and black tea ,to vigorously develop the tea drinks and tea raw materials for the Rolex Replicachemical medical supplies ,promote tea tourism ,especially the use of the quality of Ankang rich selenium mineral water and tea tea beverage raw materials development potential is tremendous, make comprehensive income reached 6000000000 yuan .
Research on the development mode of three ,( a ) Ankang city existing organizational mode 1 ,small business .Land louboutin replicafamily to manage a system to form the current tea miniature family manages mode ,occupy most of the area of tea garden .
2 ,family farming business processing mode of cooperation .Tea garden to the family as the unit of sale of fresh leaves omega replica watchesof planting ,processing enterprises to buy fresh leaf processing and sales .
In 3 ,Enterprise Inc farm management mode .Through the land reality certain scale farm management .( two) the main foreign tea industry operation organization mode 1 ,farmer cooperation organization in Japan and Indonesia tea farmers are using a variety of forms of cooperation ,to Japanese tea industry organizat Replica Breitling watchesion particularly typical .
Tea garden management implementation socialization service .The Japanese tea garden is the main family farmers operating ,small scale .Static hillock County in 1995 the average household planting area of 7.
35 mu .The Fake Rolex watches Japanese tea garden management operations ( cultivation ,cultivation ,fertilization ,irrigation ,plant protection ,plucking ) basic implementation mechanization, a large number of farmers generally have a complete set of agricultural machinery .
For small scale farmers ,alone has a set of machinery not economic ,field work often by Regional Cooperation Organization ( professional farming assist ) bear .Japan builds tea generally adopts the unified planning ,concentration is connected piece ,household Sichuan news network Nanchong Replica watches Replica Rolex August 2nd dispatch (Song Linghua) using mulberry as raw materials to produce edible bacterium, fungus bag for mulberry fertilizer with waste, waste recycling, waste to treasure, both economic and environmental protection, this is recently the author in view of the town water village edible fungus of Huanglongtan owner Liu Changzhen saw.
At the age of 38, lady Liu Changzhen learned using in mushroom production technology, in 2009 in view of the town water circulation of Huanglongtan village of more than 30 acres of land, development characteristic agriculture of edible fungi.
Now both breed price moderate, people willing to accept the oyster mushroom, mushroom cultivation, also have high economic value, strong competition in the mushroom, Coprinus comatus, sales of its products to Nanchong, the south, Yilong and other places, in short supply.
The local Party committee, government from the land, capital, project, give support energetically, offer antenatal, produce medium, postpartum all in one service, truly allows the owner to sta Cheap replica rolex watchesy, stay.In recent years, view of the town water town based on the situation, focus on the development of characteristic agriculture, modern agriculture.
Through the establishment of specialized cooperative organizations to carry out technical guidance, the exchange of information, product sales.Guide masses to change the mode of production, optimize the industrial structure, improve product quality, preliminary implementation farming products from single to multivariate change, from small to large-scale change, by traditional agriculture to special agriculture.

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